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The Importance Of Financial Planning

In a society where women often lead very restricted lives and men are the primary household decision makers, new research suggests women are empowered when men are enrolled in family planning programs. A study, from the Institute for Reproductive Health at Georgetown University Medical Center, suggests that addressing the dynamics between husbands and wives can give rise to women making more financial decisions and having greater control over their social interactions, while at the same time meeting their family planning needs. short term financial fix, click for more info.....

The study was carried out in rural India where community attitudes about masculinity and femininity have translated into deep-rooted discriminatory practices against girls and women. Street theatre and puppet shows provided information about contraceptive methods, couple communication and decision-making related to family planning and women's reproductive rights. These activities were intended to engage men in family planning.

Worldwide, family planning programs overwhelmingly focus on women alone rather than on men or couples. Since many women similarly lack the decision-making authority of the women in this study, whether due to cultural norms or the absence of education or resources, these research findings may be applicable in a variety of settings.

Financial Planning. Each consideration was held out and dealt with separately. One by one increments or facets of a person's funds would be analyzed and treated as a singular unit. In the end it was thought that all the pieces would fall together correctly and they often did.

The family planning options in this study were made available through Ministry of Health clinics and facilities operated by non-governmental organizations. One such method incorporated in the program was the Standard Days Method ., a couple-centered family planning option developed and extensively tested by IRH.

The Standard Days Method, shown in previous studies to be easy to use and comparable in effectiveness to pills and condoms with typical use, requires agreement by the couple and not to the woman alone and continual female-male communication.

The study,' Increasing literate and illiterate women's met need for contraception via empowerment: a quasi-experiment in rural India,' appears online in the peer-reviewed journal Reproductive Health.

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