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Vacationing To The Florida Gulf Coast

Between the soft white sand, the clear pristine water, the are of the waves hitting the shore and the warm summer weather, the Alabama Gulf Coast is a truly magical getaway. Miles of sandy white beaches, golf courses and nature parks line the coast. From fishing to bird watching, golfing to simply lounging on the beach there's something for everyone on Alabama's Gulf Coast. In case you want a lot more information posted about florida gulf coast, head to MiamiFlaPayDayLoans.com.

Fishing opportunities abound both inshore and offshore. Almost any beach on the coast is offers plenty of opportunity to fish, however the Lake Shelby Recreation Area (part of the Gulf State Park) and the Gulf State Park Pavilion are both especially distinguished fishing destinations.

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The Lake Shelby Recreation Area is a popular boating, swimming, water skiing, and picnicking destination and therefore isn't especially private. The Gulf State Park Pavilion Area is a better match, for solitude. Many marinas along the coast off sport fishing day excursions.

St. Andrews State Recreation Area is located in the Florida Panhandle. Sugar-white sands cover the beaches and to address the emerald green waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Swimming, boating, fishing and biking are popular here. Take a hike on one (or both) of the trails-Heron Pond Pine and Gator Lake. Shell Island is nearby and around the warmer months, you can get a glass-bottom ferry to the island. Not too far away is Panama City Beach, where you can walk the boardwalk and see the sights.

When it comes time to hit the beach, the Alabama Gulf Coast has a range of options. The Gulf Shores Public beach is a beach buzzing with action and is fitted with all facilities and a bar and volleyball courts. This beach isn't as private, natural and pristine as other beaches but is great for person who's looking for a social beach scene. Other predominant beaches are the Florida Point Beach and the Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuge Beach. The Florida Point Beach is part of the Gulf State Park and is a 6, 000 foot beach equipped with boardwalks, picnic areas, restrooms, outdoor showers, free parking, and is scattered with sand dunes. The Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuge beach doesn't offer any facilities due to it designation as a nature refuge.

The trail to the beach is about two miles and winds through forests filled with wildlife and frames small lagoons. This trail and beach combo is a bird watcher's paradise. A ridge of sand dunes divides the beach from the trail and forest.

Last but not least, aside from beach-going and wildlife observation, the Alabama Gulf Coast is likewise a popular golf destination. Scattered with golf courses, the coast is a golf lover's delight. The sandy terrain and seaside views have drawn top notch course designers to the Gulf Shores.

Many feel it's one of the best secret golf destinations. When planning your next golf outing, be sure to look at the Gulf Shores golf packages offered by Gulf Shores Plantation.

Summers are breezy and temperatures in June, July and August are the hottest averaging from eighty one to eighty three degrees Fahrenheit. Water temperatures in the summer can also reach as high as 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Weather along the coast may vary so be prepared for both hot dry weather and rain, like anywhere. However, rain or shine the Alabama Gulf Coast is an exceptional destination with anything to do for everyone.

The Gulf Coast of Alabama offers something for everyone. Contact Gulf Shores Plantation to find the perfect Gulf Shores vacation rentals and start planning your next affordable family get-away.

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